Galway Masters Tournament 2012 (3rd - 4th Nov), Kingfisher Gym, NUI Galway: Mens 40+, Mens 50+, Womens 35+


Get the date in the calendar folks. It's only around the corner.


Our host hotel is the four star Galway Bay Hotel in Salthill. The hotel is offering us a special rate of €57 pps twin/double to include breakfast and use of the leisure facility. Please book directly with the hotel on +353 91 520520 noting that places are limited and will sell out early.

Due to the high demand for rooms at The Galway Bay Hotel, we have secured a special rate at the nearby Salthill Hotel for
€55pps twin/double room to include breakfast. Book directly with the hotel quoting Galway Masters Tournament 2013.




Kingfisher Club NUI Galway
NUI Galway Sports Centre
t. (091) 570800
Parking is free on Saturdays but can be limited depending on events so allow time to find a space.

Directions / Map

Go across the Quincentenary Bridge (new bridge) in Galway City.
You will see the Kingfisher to your left as you cross the river. Go to the traffic lights and turn left. There is a Statoil/Topaz petrol station on this corner.

Travel for approx 100m to another set of traffic lights and turn left again, you are now entering the University Campus. Drive for around 200m and turn left into the Kingfisher. There is parking to the front, side and rear.


Time Team 1 Result Team 2 Category Group
9:00am Galway Masters Malta Mens 40+ G1
10:00am Galway Shannon Mens 50+
11:00am >Meteors Dublin All Stars Ladies
12:00pm Templeogue Kerry Blazers Mens 40+ G3
1:00pm Galway Masters Derg Demons Mens 40+ G1
2:00pm Michigan USA Venice, Italy Mens 40+ G2
3:00pm Irish All-Stars Kerry Blazers Mens 40+ G3
4:00pm Malta Derg Demons Mens 40+ G1
5:00pm Glasnevin Wild Rovers Ladies
Time Team 1 Result Team 2 Category Group
9:00am Strathclyde,Scotland Rathmines Mens 50+
10:00am Michigan, USA Belfast All-Stars Mens 40+ G2
11:00am Galway Glasnevin Ladies
12:00pm Irish All-Stars London Renegades Mens 40+ G3
1:00pm Galway Strathclyde Mens 50+
2:00pm Dublin All-Stars Wild Rovers Ladies
3:00pm Templeogue London Renegades Mens 40+ G3
4:00pm Rathmines Shannon Mens 50+
5:00pm Venice, Italy Belfast All-Stars Mens 40+ G2

Tournament rules:

The most important ones:

  1. We have not requested proof of players age, however, any team is entitled to request this on the day of the tournament from another team through the organising committee. If requested, proof of age must be presented as failure to produce will result in the team being disqualified from the tournament. Valid passport or driving licence is acceptable.
  2. Under no circumstance will abuse of referees, table officials or tournament officials be tolerated. Players will receive one warning of abusive behaviour and will be asked to leave the tournament on a second.
  3. It is the team's responsibility to be warming up on centre court at the half time stage of the previous game.
  4. Published times are only an indication of the proposed start time but games may start earlier if time permits.
  5. The organising committee's decisions are final in all matters and may change or alter any rule or regulation on the day to benefit the smooth running of the tournament.
  6. Game timings are set out below but will be increased for semi-finals and finals if time permits.

Galway Masters Basketball Association Tournament Rules 2012.

  1. Teams and Competition Formats
    The GMBA will determine the number of team entries to be accepted for each competition and it will also decide on the format of each competition.
  2. Team Entry
    Invitations to enter the tournament will be circulated to all interested teams with the GMBA having the sole right to accept or refuse any entry. All entries will be conditional on teams accepting the tournament rules and conditions of entry.
  3. Conditions of Team Entry
    All teams will;
    1. Pay the appropriate Team Entry Fee at the time of entry and by the publicised closing date. Failure to do so will render the entry unacceptable.Entry fee includes player membership of the Galway masters Basketball Association.
    2. Agree to provide an appropriately qualified Referee and Table Official to officiate at the tournament at games scheduled by the Tournament Director should this be required.
    3. Nominated Officials should be received by the Tournament Director by the published closing date of team entries. The Official will be contacted as to their appointments prior to the Tournament.
    4. Failure by any team to supply an approved Official for any scheduled game will result in a points deduction and possible disciplinary action.
    5. Nominated Officials should wear appropriate uniform identifying their qualification.
  4. Playing Rules
    1. All games will be played under FIBA rules with the following exceptions:
    2. Timing: Teams are required to be present on centre court at half time of the previous game. Failure can result in a default.
    3. Game time allocation for 2012 tournament to be finalised.Each game will consist of two halves each of 15 minutes, running clock except for the last two minutes of second half where stop clock will apply. Clock stops for referee/team time outs. Clock runs at all other times including free throws, substitutions etc.
    4. Half time will be a maximum 3 minutes.
    5. Teams will be permitted one (1 minute) time out per half.
    6. In the event of a tied game, the five players on the court when the game ends, for each team will shoot one free throw each. The team scoring the most baskets being deemed winners. If the game is tied after each team has taken their free throws, the game will be decided on a sudden death shoot out, with players taking free throws in the same order as the initial shoot out. Substitues, who have played during the course of that game, may also form part of the sudden death rotation.
    7. Games must be completed within the time allocated.
    8. Fouls
      1. Players will be disqualified after 4 fouls
      2. Teams will be in 'penalty' in each half once they reach 5 team fouls.
    9. Players
      1. Players are ONLY permitted to play/register for ONE TEAM in any competition within the Masters Tournament.
      2. Age limit for the 2012 tournament is that all men must be at least 40 by 31 December 2012, and women must be 35 by the same date. Proof of age will be requested and the playing of underage players will result in immediate disqualification.
      3. In the event that a team is short of players, which would make them unable to continue to participate, the team can make representation to the Management Panel to request a relaxation of the Player Eligibility rule. This can only be considered in exceptional circumstances.
      4. It is expected that all players conduct themselves in the spirit of masters basketball. Failure to so may incur disciplinary action. The Galway Masters Basketball Association WILL NOT tolerate abuse of referees or officials and any such abuse will result in immediate team disqualification with the possibility of future ban on playing in GMBA tournaments.

Management Panel

The Management Panel will consist of;
Tournament Director
Venue Manager
G.M.B.A. Venue Host
The Panel will resolve all matters referred to it, which are not covered by the Tournament Rules, whether they are operational, disciplinary, or management matters.

Pool Leagues

Pool league for 2012 to follow.